Different kind of map. Map of road deaths

The UN has launched a ‘decade for action’ to tackle road traffic accidents, which kill more people around the world than malaria, and are the leading cause of death for young people – especially in developing countries.

Visualizing the most recent data on traffic deaths and injuries, from the 2009 Global status report on road safety by PCA was my interest. I’ve used a subset of countries where all of the data were available and make the “statistical map” less cluttered by small countries.

Map show countries (green squares) and statistics (red diamonds). The closer countries to each other on the map, the more similar they are in whatever parameters describing them. In this case those are # of deaths, % of each type of death, GNI, etc. The closer those parameters to group of countries the more significant they are (larger values) for that group. For example, Russia, Iran,  Chile and South Africa have largest # of death per capita and % of pedestrians killed (two red diamonds that are closest to this group of countries).

The resulting map (biplot of Principal components) speaks for itself. Majority of road death are pedestrians, with cyclist and bicyclists following behind in poor countries. Developed countries have more of vehicles and larger % of death in car accidents. Japan having largest fleet has small number of death in cars, quite interestingly.  Netherlands, not surprisingly  having so  much bicyclists  stands away from the rest of Europe and other developed countries with having larger % of death of bicyclists.


One thought on “Different kind of map. Map of road deaths

  1. Great article would be interesting to get a more up to date graph and cross compare as the EU has rolled out a large road safety initiative. (An idea for a future article maybe) That said very good article.

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